• Flexibility
  • Client’s satisfaction
  • Artisan attention to products and details
  • Materilals quality
  • Open minded approach to foreign cultures that influence the concept behind our products

In accordance with the corporate philosophy, we committed ourselves to offer the maximum of the flexibility.

Our company Enne, during 2012, started an entrepreneurial innovative project that will bring the integration of machinery and artisans, combined with an extraordinary experience in the field of high quality products.

In 2013 a new company was established: Enne Group. The result is a new factory specialized in high quality kitchens and furniture, with an extremely flexible and completely tailor-made production, based on the union between technique, artisan experience and commercial dynamism.

Born from the willing to combine the purity of the material with the accuracy of the design, our concept brand MODA’ for kitchens includes also the living area, by outlining a new idea of home interior: minimalist, matching and essential. Where the matter defines the shape and the wood firmly asserts its own purity together with marble and steel.

We are open to the world, we love to learn, understand, and experience other cultures, compare ourselves to other lifestyles, absorbing every positive aspect that the world and the people can give us, without losing our roots.

Our project started with the aim to satisfy our Clients’ wishes as they become our inspiring counselors.

We come from an industrial craftsmanship background and we would like to continue with this path, by opening new markets, taking on new challenges, and making possible everything technically feasible.

We are influenced by the Italian design creativity and are open to every kind of innovation that can improve the quality and functionality of our products.